Project Description

The sustainability of the processes of certain economic activities has become a focus of attention for governments, companies and end users. Monitoring the resources used and the emissions and waste generated is key to achieving a more sustainable production. In this sense, advanced models have been developed for the correct measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and the water footprint. Two of the essential aspects of the problem.

The WASTE Monitor platform, through these models, allows an integrated and advanced treatment of the following aspects:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the carbon and water footprint and the waste generated in the process. Quantification of key components for the design of decarbonization plans.
  • Optimization of future scenarios. Based on advanced algorithms that look for possible solutions (heuristics) to the problem of selecting and comparing future emissions and impact scenarios. Providing a collection of possible emission scenarios and plans for the distribution of the investment, based on the actions to reduce emissions and improve processes contemplated.
  • Expert systems to find the ideal reduction and compensation scenario, incorporating the price component, both the current and future prices. It incorporates the effect of CO2 in the real economic activity of the organization through its compensation cost.
  • Evaluation of the impact of new procedures on the processes. By comparing carbon emissions, water use and waste generated from a standard and an enhanced procedure, the effectiveness of corrective actions can be seen in a digital model.

Environment, Sustainability

  • Client

    Industry, Agri-food, Services

  • Skills

    • AI
    • Predictive models
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