Cognitive platform for interaction in real time and predictively between buildings and their users for monitoring, control and efficient management.

This platform simplifies the way users interact with the building they live, work and / or frequent, reducing it to a conversation in spoken or written natural language. It incorporates a layer of artificial intelligence and a predictive layer. It allows buildings and their users to literally speak to each other in natural language through a social network in chat format that, equipped with ontological, semantic and predictive algorithms, makes buildings make their own decisions to improve energy efficiency, either by consumption patterns, by the price of energy at a given time or by the source of the consumed energy.


  • Client

    Mobile application

  • Skills

    • Natural language interaction
    • Conversational bot
    • Energy efficiency
    • IoT
    • Predictive analytics
    • Neural networks
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Machine Learning
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