PORTAL DIFFUSION is a system that comprehensively manages the entire process of cataloguing and publishing audio and video records. Through a simple system of words and key marks, allows the arrangement of multimedia content to facilitate its dissemination.

Its main characteristic is, undoubtedly, the simplicity processing capture, cataloguing, publications and access of audio and video content.

As the main innovation, it incorporates two totally differentiating features in its platform:

– A transcription system for the conversion of speech to text, in beta phase.

– A biometric system for voice recognition, which allows the speaker to be identified in each intervention he performs, with a very high level of accuracy.

Both features are part of the process of uploading and retransmitting videos, translating audio and identifying speakers during the upload or retransmission of content, including streaming.


  • Client

    Web application

  • Skills

    • Speech recognition
    • Voice identification
    • Semantic search
    • Automatic labeling
    • Capture functions
    • Live streaming
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