AI(rd) is an algorithm developed to deliver new AI based solutions for rapid microbiological methods validation in industrial settings for Salmonella spp.

It is a new service to the food industry for all food companies in which the microbiological risk is an issue to address on a daily basis. It simplifies the validation process of rapid diagnosc tools, bringing high value to the companies which will be able to assess in shorter times the safety of their products, safeguarding public health.

AI and statistics are applied to reduce the number of samples that need to be analyzed during the validation process, but still, comply with the conditions required by the ISO 16140. In this way, it allows manufacturers to validate the efficacy and accuracy of the rapid methods in actual factory conditions faster and cheaper.

AI(rd) is a result of the project “VITAL: Validation of Innovative Tools to Assess and to improve microbioLogical safety in the food chain“, supported by European Comission under EIT Food and inside a consortium made up by University of Turin, Pepsico, Swissdecode and AI Talentum.

Contact our sales team at info@aitalentum.com.

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