More than 100 proposals applied to the second Spanish edition of the EDP Starter Acceleration Program 2018, an inititative that seeks the best innovative projects from startups working in areas related to the energy sector. Thirteen companies were selected to present their projects to EDP on May 23rd at the Google Campus in Madrid.

The program

The main objective of the EDP Acceleration Program 2018 is to accelerate de integration of innovative technologies or business models in the different activity areas of EDP through the execution of a pilot.
The program represents an opportunity for those start-ups who are expected to show an optimum fit with EDPs activity in Generation, Distribution and/or Commercialization approaching any of the strategic lines defined by EDP: Smarter Grids, Cleaner Energy, Energy Storage, Client-Focused Solutions and Data Leap.
The integration of their technologies and/or business models will be carried out with the collaboration of experts in different business strategic lines. The program is intended to conclude with a Memorandum of Understanding between those startups who have shown an optimal alignment with EDP and thus, could potentially execute their pilot in EDP’s business.

The challenge

In this second edition of the program, the challenge proposed for start-ups is to expound the potential alignment of their projects with EDP’s goals and also to demonstrate their capability to become a potential partner either for EDP, its clients or providers.
The thirteen selected startups were the following:
  1. Carto (Madrid):SaaS platform for the treatment of geospatial data.
  2. dotGis (Madrid): BigData for geospatial data.
  3. Electric Save (Madrid): OCR solution to scan and process documents.
  4. Stemy Energy (Madrid): Platform for planning and operating distributed resources.
  5. Enerbuild (Madrid): Improvement of efficiency in solar photovoltaic plants.
  6. OBUU (Madrid): Advanced stock optimization software.
  7. Smarkia (León): Cloud platform for energy efficiency.
  8. Hybrid Energy Storage (Seville): Solutions for energy storage systems.
  9. Abora Solar (Zaragoza): Design, development and manufacture of hybrid solar panels.
  10. Wattabit (Barcelona): IoT platform for energy management services in real time.
  11. AI Talentum (Murcia): Experts in predictive models and machine learning.
  12. Koala Lifter (Pamplona): Design and development of self-elevating crane systems for the construction and maintenance of wind farms.
  13. 4Securitas (Dublin, Ireland): Cybersecurity solutions.

Matching day

The first event of the program took place on May 23rd and was a one day event where candidates met their mentors and the mentorship process got started from that moment on.


After the matching day, candidates worked during three weeks in close cooperation with their corresponding mentors aiming to define the pilot to be develop by the startup in collaboration with EDP.

Pilot Pitch day

The second and final event of the program took place on June 19th and was a one day event at Campus Madrid (Google). Start-ups presented their Pilots (integration proposals) in front of EDP’s jury. After a private deliberation process, the jury announced the winning proposals of the program: E-Save, dotGIS, 4Securitas, Koala Lifter and Carto.

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